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AP: Leo North by saikun13
AP: Leo North
I tried :iconlazepoolplz:
For :iconashard-prison:

Name: English: Leo North Chinese: Lei North (Means thunder)

Nationality: American/Chinese

Age: 22

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Position: Seke (Prefers being top)

Story: When Leo was a child, he lived in China with his Parents and younger sister.
He loved his mother and sister with all his heart, However, he was not very fond of his American father. 
It seemed like his father was not loyal to his mother. When Leo was about five years old, His father would either sneak away with prostitutes for a night or blow away 
their money from gambling on the streets. 
When Leo was at the age of nine, his father vowed to become a better man and support his family by working in America and send the money he earns over to his family.
With his mother's restaurant going out of business, the family had no choice but to rely on the father.

Years passed and the regular letters stopped coming from his father, losing all contact with him. Leo's mother knew that the father had abandoned them, but he and
his younger sister were still too young to understand what that meant.
Around the age of 11, Leo developed a talent. Pick pocketing.
He would walk in the busy streets and steal random peoples money, jewelry and other goods that he could sell or trade for food and clothes for his family.
It eventually became an obsession to steal from people who have it better than the North family. 

Eight years later, Leo had enough money to bring his family to America for a better future.
He wanted to bring the best for his family, but it wasnt very effective. 
Since Leo didnt finish school, he couldnt get a proper job to support his family. In the end, He had to live off of pick pocketing again.
Instead of Just stealing money from pedestrians, he also robbed stores and mastered the art of safe cracking.
At first, Leo did it for his family, but he was soon getting more and more greedy for more possessions and loved the feeling of taking things away from other people's 
hard work.
There were even times where he fought and beat the owners of the stores he robbed. He wasnt going to get caught easily.

Leo was finally caught by the authorities after someone "tipped off" the police that there was a chain of robberies going on in the neighborhood.
He was caught in the act of cracking open the safe. Leo wouldnt let up easily and killed one of the police officers with a switch blade he brought as a weapon.
After backup police were called, Leo was taken under and was turned in. 

Crime: Leo's crimes are: stealing from pedestrians and businesses In China and America. 
Aggression and abuse towards business owners. Resisting arrest when he was finally caught by the police. Murder of a police officer when he was getting arrested. 

Personality: Bitter|| Quiet|| Playful|| Possessive|| Selfish|| Lazy

Leo is a selfish and possessive person who puts himself before others (Except for family).
He likes Lazing around when he isnt stealing and can get annoyed pretty easily.
He has no problem telling the cold truth just for the hell of making others feel just a bit
more shittier. He is pessimistic at most times.
The only time he gets playful or shows interest is when he doesnt see you as a nuisance (rare).  

+having possessions
+having hair petted (ONLY IF HE LIKES YOU!!!)
+Obedient people

-Loud noises/ Loud chattering
-Overly energetic people
-Overly emotional people
-Ticking noises

-Younger sister (Mei)

-Cant stand ticking noises
-Has piercings on his right eyebrow, ears and bellybutton.

If you would like to Rp, Just send me a note or ask me for my skype ^^

I may have trouble answering right away because of school >.< 
HT: Love Genderbend by saikun13
HT: Love Genderbend
My kitty cat, Love as a sweet little girl *v*
Selfie game too low by saikun13
Selfie game too low

tagged by :iconlalagilr:

The selfie game has started! Here are the rules!
Someone will start the game. They will post the selfie, and tag at least 3 people. 
These three people will have 24 hours to post a selfie. If not, the chain "breaks" and will either start over/be passed on to someone else.
1. The person you tagged has only 24 hours to post a selfie, no more!
2. You can only delete the selfie in 48 hours!
3. You must show the person who tagged you before with the selfie they posted!

I tag...
:iconotaku-freak32: :iconlimshana-chan: :iconhadaka-kun: :iconlyrical-nonsense: :iconharukika:


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